Annual Journal
ISSN 1642-1817
Online ISSN 2450-128X
Polish Acoustical Society, Gdansk Department
Polish Academy of Sciences, The Committee on Acoustics

email: gragrelo@pg.edu.pl
phone: +48 58 347 16 79
Editorial Board
  • Grażyna Grelowska - editor-in-chief
  • Eugeniusz Kozaczka
  • Jacek Marszal
  • Roman Salamon
  • Andrzej Stepnowski

Scope of the journal covers
  • acoustics in biology,
  • acoustics environment,
  • ultrasonic applications,
  • nonlinear acoustics,
  • sound propagation in the sea and modelling,
  • radiated and ambient noise,
  • sonar systems,
  • signal and data processing,
  • seabed acoustics,
  • other topics related with hydroacoustics.

Scientific Council
  • prof. Philippe Blondel
  • prof. David Bradley
  • prof. Grażyna Grelowska
  • prof. Halvor Hobaek
  • prof. Zygmunt Klusek
  • prof. Eugeniusz Kozaczka
  • prof. Tim Leighton
  • prof. Andrzej Nowicki
  • prof. John Papadakis
  • prof. Roman Salamon
  • prof. Andrey Serebryany
  • prof. Jean-Pierre Sessarego
  • prof. Andrzej Stepnowski
  • prof. Michael Taurodakis
  • prof. Manell Zakharia

Publication cost for a single manuscript:

500 PLN / 120 EURO

English proofreading is included.
The HYDROACOUSTICS is appreciated by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and included in ,,list B of scored journals''. Each published paper has to follow the whole procedure of review. The procedure is consistent with the recommendations of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education according to the document entilted "Best Practices in Procedures of Review in the Science", Warsaw 2011. Firstly editorial committee evaluates whether the article complies with the formal and is covered by the scope of the journal. Then all papers are reviewed at least by two independent reviewers, that are specialists in the subject. Reviewers must sign a declaration of no conflict of interest. Reviewers must not use knowledge of the article prior to its publication. The author is notified about the review. Then it is possible correspondence with the Editor concerning remarks. Additional reviewers can be appointed if the situation is disputed. Once a year, the list of reviewers is published.

Files to download: review form, rewievers.

Information for authors

Authors interested in publishing their articles in HYDROACOUSTICS should contact by email: gragrelo@pg.edu.pl. The manuscripts should be written in English and provided in electronic versions in Word format or in PDF format. They should have an even number of pages. Articles should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of publishing:

The statement that a proposed article is an original work, not published in the past in any other magazine and in no way constitutes an infringement of any existing license rights and copyright, and the Polish Acoustical Society has the exclusive right to this publication are necessary from the authors. If the Editorial Board of Hydroacoustics finds any scientific misconduct including "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship" then the paper will be immediately rejected and the relevant information will be sent to the proper employers and scientific organizations. If articles are written by co-authorship, the editors require disclosure of contributions from different authors (including their affiliations and information about the authorship of concepts, principles, methods, etc.).

Previous volumes

Hydroacoustics Journal has been published since 1997. Archival volumes are available below:

Year Polish Ministry of Science
and Higher Education score
1997 - volume 1 introduction
1999 - volume 2 introduction
2000 - volume 3 introduction
2001 - volume 4 introduction
2002 - volume 5 introduction
2003 - volume 6 introduction
2004 - volume 7 introduction
2005 - volume 8 introduction
2006 - volume 9 introduction
2007 2 volume 10 introduction
2008 4 volume 11 introduction
2009 4 volume 12 introduction
2010 6 volume 13 introduction
2011 4 volume 14 introduction
2012 4 volume 15 introduction
2013 7 volume 16 introduction
2014 7 volume 17 introduction
2015 6 volume 18 introduction
2016 6 volume 19 introduction
2017 6 volume 20 introduction