Application of satellite imagery and GIS tools for land surface temperature estimation and verification

pp. 19-28, vol. 16, 2013

Andrzej Chybicki
Gdansk University of Technology, Department of Geoinformatics, Gdansk, Poland

Zbigniew Łubniewski
Gdańsk University of Technology, Department of Geoinformatics, Gdansk, Poland

Jan Niedzielko
WASAT Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland

Dominik Ruciński
WASAT Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland

Key words: remote sensing of satellite; land surface temperature; NDVI

Abstract: Land surface temperature (LST) plays an important role in many land-surface processes on regional as well on global scales. It is also a good indicator of energy flux phenomena and is used as a parameter in various Earth observation related studies. However, LST estimation based on processing and utilisation of satellite derived data constitutes several problems in terms of time limitations, accessibility, atmospheric influence etc. The aim of the study was to verify and compare the algorithms especially in the context of minimalisation of errors in LST estimation by satellite observation using various means of GIS data processing and integration. Also, the indirect verification of the LST estimation methods, based on the utilisation of statistics and dependencies of LST, NDVI and air temperature values has been presented and discussed. The presented work has the form of a case study, and due to limited amount of verification data used in the current stage of the investigation, the results should be treated as preliminary. The developed GIS solution for integrating spatial data from many sources needed in the course of this study is also presented.

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