Influence of vibration of ship’s generating set on emitted acoustic energy

pp. 97-102, vol. 9, 2006

Karol Listewnik
Naval University of Gdynia, Gdynia, Poland

Key words:

Abstract: The article presents the investigations of influence of vibration of generating sets on the hydroacoustic spectrum’s structure generated through hull of ship to water environment. The investigations were conducted on anchor and during movement of the ship, with characteristic parameters of movement of the ship. The influence of change of speed governor driving engine was considered on produced the voltage’s frequency under of load variations the ship’s electrical system. It the tests, there were conducted the vibrations’ measurements on engine-bed of the individual generating set, on the ship’s hull of directly under sets, as well as the measurements of underwater noise under hull of ship. The analysis consist with the qualification of levels of the measured parameters and the changes spectrum’s vibrations of underwater noise as well as their correlations. It was analysed with possible exploational states of the ship, number of working generating sets, and thei reconfigurations. In the papier we described the guidelines to methodology of investigations of generating sets near state exploational variables of the ship. This joins closely with qualification of possible state of exploational ship, which is important for military regards.

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