Underwater noise radiated by ships, their propulsion and auxiliary machinery, and propellers

pp. 165-168, vol. 4, 2001

Stefan Jan Malinowski
Naval Test and Evaluation Ranges, Gdynia, Poland

Ignacy Gloza
Naval Academy, Gdynia, Poland

Jacek Domagalski
Naval Test and Evaluation Ranges, Gdynia, Poland

Key words:

Abstract: These underwater radiated noise and vibration measurements were conducted on a full-scale ship in August 2000. During the trails it was found that several spike noises are dominant. To find the location of high vibration level places and its frequencies, and the machines, which generated high level point noise components, 4 accelerometers were fixed in the engine and auxiliary rooms .We were using this system to find the relationship between certain manoeuvres and the vibration level caused by them. Propellers and engines are usually the major sources of noise in ships but gearboxes can also be significant contributors. The way of mounting of the machines and the resulting vibration of the hull are determining issues in the radiation of underwater noise. Naval Test and Evaluation Acoustic Ranges contain an accurate radiated noise measurement system consisting of a bottom-mounted hydrophone array for sailing condition and a stationary range. The sophisticated digital narrow-band instruments and analogue recorders were used by us.

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