Comparison between measured and calculated underwater pressure of merchant ship

pp. 7-16, vol. 18, 2015

Jan BielaƄski
Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Karol Listewnik
Polish Naval Academy, Poland

Key words: pressure siganture of ship; underwater pressure calculation; underwater pressure masurement; comparision underwater pressure of ship

Abstract: From 2012 The Polish Naval Academy take part in an international research project SIRAMIS, carried out in the framework of the European Defence Agency. The objective of this project is to improve the understanding of ship signature interaction with multi influence sensors in relevant and realistic scenario's. This paper describes selected results of the comparison results of sea trials and model calculations of the hydrodynamic field distribution around a moving ship in selected waters of The Gulf of Gdansk. Despite the good results of the comparison of calculations and measurements of pressure signature for the example of a passenger ship, some measurements deviate significantly from the theoretical results. Due to the lack of reproducibility of these deviations may be due to errors in reading the real positions of underwater measurement modules. This comparison allows for increasing the reliability of theoretical calculations by the results of measurements, and it is expected that the development of this method allows for determining the parameters of the pressure under the hull at any point situated at a distance of not more than 1 meter from the seabed.

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