Passive acoustic detection and observations of wind-wave breaking processes

pp. 29-38, vol. 14, 2011

Agata Dragan
Institute of Oceanology, PAS, Sopot, Poland

Zygmunt Klusek
Institute of Oceanology, PAS, Sopot, Poland

Barbara Swerpel
Institute of Hydroengineering, PAS, Sopot, Poland

Key words: Baltic Sea; noise correlation; acoustic events recognition and tracking; histogram

Abstract: This study is a preliminary work aiming to obtain statistics of wind waves on the base of the ambient sea noise parameters. In experiment conducted on the Baltic Sea, passive acoustic methods were exploited in order to detect and parameterize breaking evens. A four hydrophones array was used to record ambient sea noise for five days. Data collected during this experiment allowed us to track moving acoustic sources, to estimate their speed, duration and number in a unit of time. All these parameters were determined using generalized the cross correlation method. Some examples of obtained cross correlation time series with brief description of encountered difficulties in analysis are presented. Variation in number, duration and speed of breaking events in time are compared with averaged noise level and significant wave height. This last parameter, describing in a unified way the wave field, constitutes the essence of further investigations. Distributions of obtained values are shown and further improvement of a method is shortly introduced.

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